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2021 LINE UP

Following in the footsteps of their California brothers Sublime, Huntington Beach's Dirty Heads mix hip-hop, reggae, and rock along with that laid-back So Cal attitude. The group formed in 2003 when punk rocker Dustin Bushnell (aka Duddy B) asked his friend, rapper Jared Watson (aka Dirty J), to collaborate on a project that would focus on positive vibes and infectious grooves. Watson added singing to his vocal skills, and with percussionist Jon Olazabal, an acoustic trio version of Dirty Heads began playing shows and building an audience.

They soon hooked up with producer Rob Cavallo and headed into the studio to record their debut album for Warner Bros., but differences with the label had them looking for other opportunities. Still, the band was able to retain most of its work, including sessions with drummer Josh Freese, along with the late-Beatles collaborator Billy Preston in one of the keyboardist's last recordings. The finished album, Any Port in a Storm, would arrive in 2008, with a deluxe edition following in 2010. The deluxe version featured the track "Lay Me Down" with special guest Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome. The song would top Billboard's Alternative Songs chart just before the summer of 2010.

They followed up two years later with Cabin by the Sea and later recorded an acoustic version of the title track. This, in turn, led to an entire acoustic album in 2013 called Home: Phantoms of Summer. Dirty Heads' next album, Sound of Change, would prove to be a breakthrough for the now-veteran band, debuting at number eight on the Billboard Top 200 while topping the Independent and Alternative Albums charts upon its May 2014 release.

Building on their renewed success, Dirty Heads enlisted a bevy of industry hitmakers to work on their self-titled 2016 follow-up, which -- thanks to its mainstream appeal -- again charted high on the Billboard Top 200. The following year saw the band drop its sixth studio album, Swim Team, featuring the singles "Vacation" and "Staloney." Also included on the album was the track "So Glad You Made It," featuring 311's Nick Hexum. The single "Listen to Me" arrived in early 2019 and was later included on Dirty Heads' Dave Cobb-produced seventh album Super Moon.

J Boog (Jerry Afemata), a reggae singer of Samoan descent was born in Long Beach and raised in Compton, CA. He is the youngest of seven brothers and one sister who come from hard working parents that relentlessly instilled a strong cultured household. Currently residing back and forth between Hawaii and California, J Boog has been working incessantly since the release of his debut album "Hear Me Roar" (2007). He followed that up with his sophomore album "Backyard Boogie" (2011) which topped the US Billboard Charts and iTunes charts in numerous countries.
J Boog has shared his craft & has toured around the world: Europe, Africa, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, The US & Japan all have felt the authenticity of J Boog. Jerry helped pave the way for many Polynesian artists with the help of island music pioneer George "Fiji" Veikoso. The two met in 2005. They immediately clicked and created a sound that opened many doors for the Polynesian community. In 2008, J Boog joined Hawaii/San Francisco based recording & record label, Wash House Music Group Inc. Together they've been on a journey thats most promising with endless limits. Shortly after that, J Boog teamed up with Yami Bolo & Gramps Morgan of reggaeʻs royal family, Morgan Heritage. They embarked on a journey to have J Boog witness the culture of Jamaican music & history. This being Jerry’s first visit to Jamaica, he was completely overwhelmed & found himself working in historic studios: Bob Marley's "Tuff Gong Studio", Don Corlean's "Hit Maker Studio", Bobby Digitals "Digital B Studio", Shaggy’s "Big Yard Studio" & Sugar Minotts "Youth Man Promotions". All very prestigious recording artists & compounds. He was constantly surrounded by several artists he had been influenced by and many of these artists where featured on his 2011 release Backyard Boogie. Backyard Boogie entertained a wide spectrum of reggae fans, old & new. It gave a variety of roots, r&b, lovers rock and good vibes. Hits included: Let’s Do It Again produced by Don Corleon and Sunshine Girl produced by Gramps Morgan featuring Morgan Heritage front man Peetah Morgan. The success of Backyard Boogie earned J Boog Best Entertainer Award at the 2012 Irawma Awards held in Chicago, IL. A year later, he dropped a 5 song EP called "Live Up" & a mix-tape collaboration with fashionista powerhouse Diamond Supply Co. His most recent EP "Rose Petals" (2016) peaked the US Billboards & iTunes Charts at #1 & was nominated for Best Reggae Album of the Year at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. It featured hip hop mogul Snoop Dog & six time Grammy Award winner Stephen "Ragga" Marley. The Rose Petals EP was just a little foreplay to what would become his next full length album called "Wash House Ting". A true student of music; you can catch J Boog on worldwide tours across the globe, on radio interviews or in the studio working on new material. His humility has gained him true fans everywhere he goes while exercising, MUSIC IS THE ONLY UNIVERSAL TONGUE. Stay tuned....


Irie Love was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. She has spent most of her life as a singer, touring, traveling and living all over the world, since 1999. She took a break from music and became a Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Mindfulness coach, 200hr Rasa Yoga Teacher and Podcast host (WATR podcast) from 2017-2020. Another passion of Irie’s is charity work. She has performed, hosted events and volunteers with Boys & Girls Club, Mana Mele & Mana Maoli, Space Between, Future.For.Us, Chances for Children and Neko Cat Cafe. Irie is currently making new music with a new project shifting her sound towards what she calls “cosmic r&b” coming out in the Fall of 2021.



Stay Grounded is a hardworking, eclectic group of disiplined musicians who range in age, ethnicity and style. Trailblazing their way onto the scene in 2011, Stay Grounded incorporates their Pacific Northwest heritage, with an exotic & dynamic blend of modern pop, R&B, and rock, infused with a sweet island reggae twist. Their music delivers powerful messages of Unity, Positivity and Empowerment to all who bear witness. Stay Grounded's crucial harmonies and powerful rhythm section truly make them a force to be reckoned with.

"Whether we play for 10 people or 10,000 people, we bring the vibe like there is no tomorrow."


“If you’ve never heard of Jacob Bain and Publish the Quest, I’ll set it up for you: A hard-hitting hybrid of Afrobeat and hip-hop, something organic like Blitz The Ambassador or Talib Kwali. Some of the beats come partially programmed, but generally speaking, Publish the Quest in bold horns, percussion, melodic guitar, and bass going heavy on the funk.How good is Then What!? Really good, although definitely more attributed to the instrumentation than the raps. The band is tight and full of good ideas. They swirl in, layer, and offer a set of 10 danceable tracks. In the title track, guitar and bass take the lead, in the vein of Fela Kuti’s finest. The horns are sharp and dynamic when they pounce. The vocals are some of the best on the album. The groove is all Afrobeat deliciousness. “I got hope/ Tell me what then?” “You just can’t quit until the setting sun.” Are the lyrics earth-shattering? No, but they fit the vibe and are energizing. The song overall is a knockout. “Gotta Keep Movin!” is even tastier. The horn line is outstanding and the groove momentous. “Even when we find ourselves two steps ahead/ we gotta keep movin,” is great, but here’s my critique: “Why the war? What’s it for?” I don’t know, and I don’t know what war you’re talking about. While everything else in this song is catchy, tight, and blast-able, the lyrics linger on the edge of vagueness. This song, in particular, is so well made, but when Bain sings, “Think about how far we’ve drifted.” I don’t know who “we” are or what we “drifted” from. It’s hard to connect with this song, and others on the album, on that deep a level. Still, such a miss doesn’t detract from the arching awesomeness of this album. “You Never Know Who You’re Going to Meet” is one of the best songs, and some of the better lyrics. The song paints the picture of a world of strained relationships and wandering. He reels it in to universal possibilities. “Rethink the way that you’re doing some things,” he says of meeting people. Added violas weave texture and the acoustic guitar contrasts the hefty drumming wonderfully. These songs relate tales of power struggle, fighting the Man and, ultimately, approaching this project with interest in several influences. If you like Afrobeat and organic hip-hop, you’ll find Publish the Quest to massage all the right places. The album is well mixed, nothing is lost, and it sounds nicely configured without being overproduced. Props to Mell Dettmer and Jacob Bain for putting the time in. All-in-all, very good stuff. Bottom line: Afrobeat collective with guest vocalists rev up the hip-hop for a scorching and danceable set of tunes.” 




Music has been a blessing since the beginning for the humble members of The Green. It is only by looking into the past that one can fully grasp the immense accomplishments and unparalleled journey for a small group of musicians from the island of Oʻahu. Countless miles of touring and four studio albums have led them to become recognized as ambassadors of Aloha, helping represent Hawaiian people and culture to the world through their craft.




Bearing witness to the accelerating negativity of global affairs, Steel Pulse emerges with musical vengeance to halt the disarray of humanity. The bands twelfth studio production, titled Mass Manipulation, reflects four decades committed to bettering mankind through music. Steel Pulse continues to be revolutionary in engaging controversial topics of racial injustice and human rights on a global scale. Their musical stance and conceptualizations are as potent and relevant today as they were at the beginning of their career. The album’s uniquely thematic approach provokes thought as it presses forward, toward humanities unification. A manipulation of our minds has been influenced by a New World Order currently dominating humankind. Steel Pulse reappears at a fated moment, armed with compassion, encouraging all people to reject false ideals, set higher goals, and demand more from themselves to further this unification.





Rebelution vocalist/guitarist Eric Rachmany and renowned producer, DJ, and remixer Amp Live (formerly of Zion I) may possess different backgrounds, but they both travel the same creative road. Now, their paths—along with a myriad of musical genres riding shotgun—intersect in Unified Highway. The duo’s self-titled debut [Audible Collision / Strange Focus Records] explores this intersection via a fascinating fusion of reggae, electronic, hip-hop, alternative, and soul siphoned into unforgettable songs.




Australian native, Sammy Johnson (a.k.a Sammy J) embraces his Maori and Polynesian roots to create positive and uplifting music. Blending together island reggae, soul and jazz vibes with heartfelt lyrics, Sammy's sound is exhilarating and intoxicating. Now based in the U.S., Sammy has seemingly exploded on the market selling out venues across the west coast and Hawaii. This can be attributed to his relentless hard work and dedication to his craft.




Rylee Anuheakealaokalokelani Jenkins was born and raised in Makawao on the island of Maui. The eldest daughter of a P.E. Teacher and a hairdresser, Anuhea was actually immersed in sports more than music growing up, and it wasn't until middle school that she found her passion for performing arts. She began boarding at the prestigious Hawaiian school Kamehameha Schools from grade 7, and began acting in school plays and musical. She found a passion for video production and received multiple college scholarships for Film School at Chapman University in Orange County, CA. A self taught guitar player, she learned of her passion for songwriting after her first big heartbreak.. and after a soul searching backpacking odyssey in Australia, she realized that Film School wasn't for her. Anuhea decided to pursue her newfound passion for MUSIC full time.




Beginning his own reggae band, Jah Roots, in Springfield, Missouri in 2001 as well as forming his own record label, GanJah Records with his wife, Kaytee. Josh wrote and recorded 5 albums with his former band, Jah Roots, and gained a loyal independent following via Myspace and a tireless touring schedule from 2005-2009. Since leaving Jah Roots in 2009 to pursue a solo career Josh has released a #1 Billboard Reggae album(Good Vibes 2016) & several other Top 10 debuting albums. He has shared the stage & toured the world with many headline acts including Bob Marley's children (Ziggy, Stephen & Damian), Rebelution, Ben Harper, SOJA, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, The Wailers, 311, Slightly Stoopid and many more. Josh has also made numerous appearances at music festivals all over the USA, Guam and Hawaii including 4 appearances at The largest Reggae festival in USA, California Roots and has performed 6 tours of the Hawaiian Islands. Josh has also performed for the island nation of Guam, twice, to thousands of screaming fans singing along to every word. With all these accolades, years of touring and constantly promoting positive Reggae music through out the world, Josh's form of Reggae music and message remain a constant driving force behind the current reggae scene, worldwide.




As a young boy, Spawnbreezie grew up listening to his father make music. Whether rehearsing in the garage or on stage at performances. Music was just as much an influence to him as his father was. So much in fact that he learned to play drums and piano before entering grade school. Curious and excited about his life’s involvement with music, at 16 years of age he learned to play the guitar and eventually acquired skills of a bassist. Spawnbreezie then realized that at a young age, music was not only a talent but a passion that now became his life. At age 17, Spawnbreezie made a commitment to his love and talent to pursue a career of music. With the combinations of island music, roots reggae, r & b, and hip-hop, Spawnbreezie has crafted a new kind of sound. Combining the percussions of hip-hop, the skank of reggae and the vocals of the Island music, he calls it, "Island Hip Hop". In 2002, Spawnbreezie and his family formed a band called, "Le Atalua Breeze Band". Being a part of the Breeze Band, he thought it was only fair to represent them wherever his music took him. At that time he was going by the stage name of “Spawn” and was in the making of his solo debut album. In 2005, Spawn began his solo career and pursued it with great leaps of faith. In transition of leaving “Le Atalua Breeze Band” to becoming a solo artist, he took the word “Breeze” with him in this new journey and introduced himself as Spawnbreezie.




R&B-infused reggae songstress/guitarist, Leilani Wolfgramm, drops her latest album, Live Wire, which was produced by Wolfgramm, Fredro Odesjo (multi-platinum producer for Tohoshinki/TVXQ) and Joshua Sadlier-Brown (John Legend, Gogol Bordello, Kelly Buchanan). Already making waves in her genre,she has been praised by LADYGUNN, PopDust, Top Shelf Reggae, EARMILK, among others and shared the stage with Ziggy Marley, Incubus, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Sublime ft. Rome and New King. Live Wire the album is a memoir. It deals with child abuse drug abuse and psychological abuse; religious subtext push the narratives highs and lows where the protagonist is found to be the antagonist as well. The concept of “live wire” comes from the loss of Wolgragmm’s father. Standout single, “The Trail” is a nickname for the street, o.b.t “orange blossom trail,”where Leilani is from in Orlando. It’s a street famous for drugs prostitution strip clubs, crack motels, the projects and trailer parks. “The Trail” is the setting of her childhood and the prologue to the rest of the album.


An American Tongan singer-songwriter from Orlando, Fl, Wolfgramm was integrated into the musical world through dancing at several dinner luau shows at an early age, as her father was a dancer/choreographer at Disney World. She started singing at age 9 after her mother introduced her to Patsy Cline and picked up guitar at age 14 when she was exposed to reggae through her brothers. She joined her brothers’ reggae band in 2012 and went solo in 2014. She released her first album that same year and was signed to Raleigh Music Publishing in 2016. Melding her diverse influences, Wolfgramm’s distinct sound mixes R&B with the island sound of dancehall, reggae, hip-hop and pop. She’s a magnetic live performer who captures audience’s imagination with her sultry stage presence. Dealing with dark and taboo subjects, Wolfgramm reveals, “I write music to celebrate being alive. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad – all the lessons I’ve learned.” “Live Wire” is no exception; the track addresses the constant struggle (for women mostly) to be perfect, and covering the real parts of oneself to appear perfect.


Stay tuned for more material and show announcements from this eclectic artist, who “is able to extensively flex her lyrical muscles and show her strength in the face of the vulnerability.“ (Soundlooks) “It’s all about to go up in flames, so get a front row seat now because Leilani’s going to be one of the biggest stars on this planet real soon.” (Review Indie)



The band called, "Unified Culture" is a tough and hard hitting original reggae band currently playing out of Seattle, Washington and other parts of the Pacific Northwest. Unified Culture uses a unique combination of roots reggae and dancehall rhythms, blended together and dubbed out live. With and emphasis on wicked intros, mixes, heavy bass lines and catchy saxophone licks, their live roots and contemporary styles leaves a lasting impression for all to enjoy. Five Island Boys, rooted from the Hawaiian Islands, have all in their own right managed brilliant careers performing and recording with other musicians all around the world. As fate would have it, they found out that they all lived within an eight-mile radius from one another. Naturally, a collaborative effort to bring out their style of reggae music and message of positive vibrations was not a hard choice to make. Unified Culture has opened for Hawaii’s, Jamaica’s, and New Zealand’s hottest bands such as:SHAGGY, Katchafire, Big Mountain, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Norm Thompson, Ekolu, B.E.T., JBoog, Fiji, Natural Vibrations, Ho’Aikane, Baba B, Ten Feet........to name a few.


Our mission is to bridge communities and generations through art, culture, education, and business.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) serves as an interactive cultural crossroads between local and international communities.

APCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was formed in November 1996 from the vision of a small group of citizens representing three generations of Americans from Asian and Pacific Islanders heritage. APCC represents 47 countries and cultures, offering programs and services honoring their distinct artistry, business protocols, history, and social practices.


Ionic is passionate about crafting the finest small batch cannabis oils and cannabis concentrates in the world.
Our pillars of Quality, Responsibility and Respectability are the guiding principles that have inspired the distinctive finish and curated experiences that we create.


Danno Presents is a pacific northwest entertainment company fostering unique talent and diverse audiences through promotion of world culture, music and celebration. 

For the past decade, people have traveled far and wide to experience the magic that is Cali Roots, and as with most truly magical things our roots began with a simple desire – to celebrate life, love, and incredible live music with friends and family. Cali Roots has become synonymous with a lineup heavy with the top performers in the genre, cultivated fan experiences, dedicated greening initiatives and a commitment to giving back to incredible nonprofits.


Ineffable Music is an independent coalition of artists, managers and promoters that work together to curate music and live events across the world. With a diverse roster of bands, festivals and venues, Ineffable focuses on experiences and providing an outlet for artists to be heard. Founded in 2006, Ineffable Music is based in Oakland, California and advocates for artists to maintain ownership and control of their music, including through interest free loans given out by Ineffable's charity arm, Rootfire Cooperative. Ineffable works across the spectrum of the music business, producing over two thousand concerts and festivals per year across the US, managing artists that have collectively sold millions of albums, releasing music in innovative ways and striving to disrupt the status quo in the music industry.


A Tacoma tradition was born July 30 2017 as thousands of happy revelers descended on the city's resurgent South Tacoma Way for the inaugural Reggae on the Way festival.

The sold-out event – created by Danno Presents – filled two city blocks with buoyant island grooves from Common Kings, Anuhea and other main stage acts, the mouth-watering aroma of gourmet burgers, barbecue, and enough smiling faces to remind old-school Tacomans of a time when that stretch of South Tacoma Way, between 52nd and 56th streets, was the city's premier entertainment district.

Musically, Puget Sound may best be known for grunge and garage-rock; but veteran promoter Dan Rankin has long known there is an insatiable appetite for reggae here, too, dating back to his days booking and managing and booking hotspot clubs and venues throughout Tacoma & Seattle, Producing Art On The Ave and curating other festivals. Last year, his vision of South Tacoma's potential gelled as he and his wife, Jessica, were renovating the Airport Tavern, an iconic neighborhood watering hole they re-opened in May of 2017.

“We've been nurturing the pacific nw music scene by supporting touring bands and local music of all genres for long enough to see the Tacoma music community was ready for a festival like this,” he said. “I feel like this was my calling.”

Reggae on the Way far exceeded expectations in its first year, but don't expect organizers to rest on their laurels for its second run, scheduled for July 28, 2018. Danno Presents has released a buzz-worthy partial lineup that includes national headliners J. Boog, The Green, The Expendables, Leilani Wolfgramm, Dubtonic Kru, Tatanka, Jah Sun, Powerlaces, Dub Lounge International, P.O. Boxx, High Ceiling and Mighty High. Danno Presents is currently working on releasing it’s 2019 line up sometime in April/May 2019..



• This festival is tailored for adults but family friendly 

• Kids 3 and under are FREE (each child must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket)

• Parking - Off street parking is free, Surrounding large area parking lots may or may not charge a fee to park.

• Festival happens rain or shine

• No refunds or exchanges

• Lineup subject to change

• All patrons subject to search

• Photo ID required to pick up will call tickets.


Your safety and security are most important to us. The following are the venue's guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation and have fun.



While we will do everything in our power to be as quick and efficient as possible, we encourage guests to please arrive in advance of the scheduled show start time, in order to allow ample time to enter the facility.



Be prepared for inspection as you enter the facility. This inspection will include physical pat down and/or the use of metal detectors. Should you bring a bag, it will be searched and may slow down your entry time.





NO BAG EXPRESS ENTRY LANES will be available. Take advantage of the express lanes and carry only those allowed items necessary for your enjoyment of the show.



Upon entry into the venue, make yourself familiar with the venue's layout, taking special notice of the nearest exit.



If you see something suspicious or out of place, please notify venue security immediately.




  • Yes RE-Entry (Through Main Gate)
  • Yes Masks (Highly Recomended)
  • Yes Hand Sanitizer (Highly Recomended)
  • Yes Small Backpacks-12x12in or under (will be fully inspected)
  • Yes All Ages (Kids 3 and under free, 1 entry per paid adult)
  • Yes 1 Empty Reusable water bottle per person (No glass! Empty Camelbacks OK)
  • Yes Hats
  • Yes Sunblock (Highly recommended!)
  • Yes Lighters
  • Yes Cellphones
  • Yes Sunglasses
  • Yes Fanny packs
  • Yes Digital Cameras – Non Professional
  • Yes Film Cameras – Non Professional
  • (THIS YEAR - 2021) No - Short back (Low boy) beach chairs or chairs of any kind.. The area for this is unavailable for this years event.
  • No Outside Beverages or Food
  • No Unauthorized Vending
  • No Weapons
  • No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol
  • No Animals
  • No Chains
  • No Skateboards
  • No Bikes
  • No Tents
  • No Coolers
  • No Laser Pointers
  • No Professional Cameras
  • No Fireworks
  • No Audio Recording Devices
  • No Sharpies/Markers
  • No Large Backpacks (12x12in and under ok)
  • No Instruments
  • No Flags
  • No Refunds or Exchanges
  • No Video Cameras
  • No Umbrellas
  • No Glass Bottles
  • No Wagons or Carts
  • No Airhorns or other Noisemakers



Please respect those around you, as well as yourself.

Health and Safety

2021 FESTIVAL MAP! We have move some things around to add more flow to our foot print as well as the festival entrances. You will notice a new advance tickets entrance.. This will allow people who purchased tickets in advance to enter the festival from this point or the main gate. If you are on a guest list, have ticketing questions or need to buy tickets please visit the boxoffice located near the main entrance.